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Are you looking for a certain aesthetic for your next event or special occasion? White is a symbol of purity and innocence, and is often used to bring a minimalistic look to an event. We've sourced the best white tables and chairs for hire to help you set up your event just how you want it.

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  1. New Moon Bar Stool - White
    Bar stools are great pieces of furniture for parties, events and exhibitions. This white new moon bar stool is a great bar stool for all... More
    £16.80 £14.00
  2. Barcelona Ottoman in White
    Is it a foot stool? Is it a low stool? It doesn't matter what you want to use our white Barcelona ottomans for really as they will suit ... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  3. Two Seater Sofa - White
    Sofas are great pieces of furniture for all kinds of events. These white two seater sofas are made with a high quality MDF frame, and ... More
    £150.00 £125.00
  4. Three Seater Sofa - White
    Sit in comfort at your next event or special occasion with one of these white three seater sofas. Designed for luxury and comfort, these... More
    £210.00 £175.00
  5. Cube Bar Stool - White
    One of our most popular from our range of bar stools are these white cube bar stools. These stools are upholstered in faux leather and o... More
    £20.40 £17.00
  6. Beechwood Bar Stool - White
    These White Beechwood Bar Stools are a stylish choice for any event or occasion. Paired with our poseur tables, these stools make great ... More
    £22.80 £19.00
  7. White Tolix Style Outdoor Chair
    This white Tolix style outdoor chair is a great chair not just for outdoor use but indoor as well. The design of this chair fits in well... More
    £14.40 £12.00
  8. Dial Poseur Table - White
    Add a touch of style to your next event or special occasion with this podium bar table. With a tabletop fashioned from white ABS resin, ... More
    £24.00 £20.00
  9. Three Seater Chesterfield - White
    If your event is styled in a minimalistic white then these Chesterfield sofas are perfect. Comfortable, durable and stylish, this sofa o... More
    £210.00 £175.00
  10. Tolix White Cafe Chair
    When it has to be a white look for your event or occasion, these white cafe-style chairs from our Tolix range are what you need. They ar... More
    £12.00 £10.00
  11. One Seater Sofa - White
    Are you in need of somewhere comfortable to sit at your next event or special occasion? Our white one seater sofas are wonderful if you ... More
    £114.00 £95.00
  12. Milano Style Stool White
    Sit in style at your next event or exhibition with these white Milano style stools. These stools feature a padded faux leather seat, a c... More
    £21.60 £18.00
  13. White Folding Samsonite Chairs
    If you are looking for cheap and reliable chairs then our white folding samsonite chairs are the ones for you. The least expensive and m... More
    £1.80 £1.50
  14. Verner Panton S Style Chair White
    Let’s face it, there are two really important things about the design of a chair: what does it look like? What’s it going to be like to ... More
    £10.80 £9.00
  15. Eames Inspired Chair White
    Based on the classic Eames chair, these chairs are great for all kinds of events and special occasions. Comfortable to sit on, these cha... More
    £13.20 £11.00
  16. Eames Inspired Eiffel Chair White
    Modelled on a classic design, these Eames Inspired Eiffel chairs are a great addition to any event where elegance is essential. Made fro... More
    £16.80 £14.00
  17. New Moon Swivel Chair White
    Sit in comfort at your next event or special occasion in one of our white New Moon swivel chairs. Ergonomically designed to be comfortab... More
    £19.20 £16.00
  18. Hire Barcelona Leather Chair White
    The Barcelona leather chairs are one of our best and most prestigious range of designer chairs. Styled on the original design by Mies va... More
    £90.00 £75.00
  19. Tub Chair White
    The tub chair is all about comfort. These white tub chairs are stylish and will suit any event or special occasion, but above all they a... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  20. Giant Bean Bags White
    Sit in comfort at your next event or special occasion in one of our white giant bean bags. Suitable for all kinds of events from garden ... More
    £24.00 £20.00
  21. Spree Table White
    The Spree table is an elegant table that will add contemporary style to your event. It comes with a protective base and a gas lift allow... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  22. White Bistro Table 60cm x 60cm
    These white bistro tables are suitable for most occasional meeting areas or for an informal cup of coffee. The top is in brilliant white... More
    £45.60 £38.00
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22 Items

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