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Garden Furniture Hire

Outdoor events require a different kind of furniture - chairs and tables for hire that not only look good and are comfortable but are able to put up with what the Great British climate throws at it. We have a wide selection of not only garden chairs and tables for rent but also parasols, bean bags and garden furniture hire packages that won't hurt your budget.

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  1. White Folding Samsonite Chairs

    If you are looking for cheap and reliable chairs then our white folding samsonite chairs are the ones for you. The least expensive and m... More
    £1.80 £1.50
  2. Aluminium Cafe Chair

    Strong, durable and stylish. Our range of aluminium hire chairs are perfect for all occasions, perfect for all types of outdoor events. ... More
    £3.30 £2.75
  3. Deckchair Rental

    For summer events, nothing quite beats sitting on a deckchair to make people think of sun, sea and surf - even if you're nowhere near th... More
    £9.60 £8.00
  4. Outdoor Table - Aluminium Round Table 60cm

    If you're looking for an elegant contemporary look for your next outdoor event or special occasion then this is the table for you. Made ... More
    £12.00 £10.00
  5. Metallic Silver Poseur Table

    The poseur table is a great table for events like parties where guests are more likely to be standing than sitting. These tables are des... More
    £14.40 £12.00
  6. White Tolix Style Outdoor Chair

    This white Tolix style outdoor chair is a great chair not just for outdoor use but indoor as well. The design of this chair fits in well... More
    £14.40 £12.00
  7. Outdoor Table - Teak Table Round 70cm

    For outdoor events, it's essential to have furniture that is built for the occasion. This outdoor teak table is just that; made with an ... More
    £18.00 £15.00
  8. Round Parasol in Red 2.5m

    Provide shade and protection from the sun for guests at your event or function with this attractive, red coloured parasol. This parasol ... More
    £18.00 £15.00
  9. Round Parasol in Black 2.5m

    When you're not sure if it'll be sun or showers at your next outdoor event or function then you will need this attractive, black coloure... More
    £18.00 £15.00
  10. Round Parasol in Green 2.5m

    Be ready for sun or showers at your next event or function with this attractive, green coloured parasol. It's ideally suited for use on ... More
    £18.00 £15.00
  11. Round Parasol in Cream 2.5m

    Don't let the sun burn your guests at your event or function with this attractive, cream coloured parasol. This parasol is ideally suite... More
    £18.00 £15.00
  12. Aluminium Outdoor Chair x 4 & Table Combo

    Get a great deal with this outdoor seating package, perfect for any garden party or outdoor event. All of our outdoor furniture hire is ... More
    £23.40 £19.50
  13. Giant Bean Bags Pink

    Add a splash of colour to your next event or occasion with this great pink giant bean bag. Great for indoor or outdoor events, these bea... More
    £24.00 £20.00
  14. Outdoor Table - Teak Tall Table

    Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor event or occasion with this beautiful piece of outdoor furniture. Our outdoor teak tall tables a... More
    £24.00 £20.00
  15. Giant Bean Bags White

    Sit in comfort at your next event or special occasion in one of our white giant bean bags. Suitable for all kinds of events from garden ... More
    £24.00 £20.00
  16. Giant Bean Bags Lime

    Looking for a youthful and colourful vibe for your next event or special occasion? These lime giant bean bags certainly will add a splas... More
    £24.00 £20.00
  17. Beer Bench and Table Set

    A great table and bench set for all parties and events where you need to get a lot of people in a confined space. Traditionally used for... More
    £26.40 £22.00
  18. Lounger Chair Bean Bag Brown

    There aren't many pieces of furniture in this world more comfy than a bean bag. These brown lounger bean bag chairs are great for all ki... More
    £30.00 £25.00
  19. Lounger Chair Bean Bag Pink

    Passionate for Pink? Add a touch of vibrant colour to your next event or special occasion with these pink lounger chair bean bags. Perfe... More
    £30.00 £25.00
  20. Lounger Chair Bean Bag Navy

    Bean bags are great for bringing colour and comfort to an event or occasion. They're used often in breakout areas at conferences and mee... More
    £30.00 £25.00
  21. Rattan Armchair and Table Set

    Make your outdoor dining spaces a relaxing home-away-from-home haven with woven rattan-style resin armchair and table set. Designed for ... More
    £42.00 £35.00
  22. Rattan Four Piece Lounge Set

    Looking for something stylish for your outdoor event? This rattan four piece lounge set will help your guests feel comfortable while pro... More
    £180.00 £150.00

22 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction