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Conference Furniture Hire

Conferences and meetings are important occasions to make the right impressions on potential clients, customers and colleagues. We've built up a rapport with many thriving businesses in the Nottingham and Midland area to help them win business from their conferences, seating their colleagues in comfort and making their events look amazing. We've got a great range of conference chairs for hire in various colours to suit your colour scheme while our conference tables will add just the right touch of elegance.

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  1. Hudson Breakfast Stool - Red

    When you need a meeting space at your next exhibition or event, it's evident that it needs to look good and feel comfortable. These red ... More
    £22.80 £19.00
  2. Two Seater Sofa - Black

    Be relaxed at your next event or special occasion with our black two seater sofa. These sofas are great for all kinds of events or speci... More
    £150.00 £125.00
  3. Three Seater Sofa - White

    Sit in comfort at your next event or special occasion with one of these white three seater sofas. Designed for luxury and comfort, these... More
    £210.00 £175.00
  4. Three Seater Sofa - Black

    The simple, classic design makes this sofa perfect for any interior and generous dimensions provides seating for three people. These sof... More
    £210.00 £175.00
  5. Chester Bar Stool Hire - Red

    If you are meeting with potential clients, suppliers or partners at an exhibition having a good meeting space is essential. These bar st... More
    £19.20 £16.00
  6. Chester Bar Stool Hire - Cream

    Make your occasion a comfortable one with this bar stool. The Chester bar stool is made with a faux leather upholstered seat and comes w... More
    £19.20 £16.00
  7. Chester Bar Stool Hire - Black

    Bar stools are a great way to create a meeting space for events and exhibitions, especially when paired with poseur tables. These black ... More
    £19.20 £16.00
  8. Hudson Breakfast Stool - Black

    Are you hosting guests, clients or partners at your next event or exhibition? These black Hudson breakfast stools are great for meeting ... More
    £22.80 £19.00
  9. Hudson Breakfast Stool - Cream

    Sit pretty at your next event or special occasion on one of our cream Hudson breakfast stools. Upholstered in faux leather with a sturdy... More
    £22.80 £19.00
  10. Two Seater Sofa - White

    Sofas are great pieces of furniture for all kinds of events. These white two seater sofas are made with a high quality MDF frame, and co... More
    £150.00 £125.00
  11. Rectangular Shaker Coffee Table

    Do you have a relaxed seating area at your next event or occasion? Our rectangular shaker coffee table is a great traditional style coff... More
    £31.20 £26.00
  12. Spider Meeting Table

    The Spider Meeting Table has beautiful four stemmed legs with floor protecting feet. The legs leads up to a 1 metre round black laminate... More
    £40.80 £34.00
  13. Tear Table - Black

    A unique tear drop designed floating glass side end table that is great for a relaxed meeting space or exhibition. This table has a high... More
    £30.00 £25.00
  14. Tolix Style Table - Wooden Top

    If you're looking for an elegant meeting table then you should definitely consider these Tolx style wooden top tables. These tables are ... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  15. White Bistro Table 70cm x 70cm

    These white bistro tables are suitable for most occasional meeting areas or for an informal cup of coffee. The top is in brilliant white... More
    £45.60 £38.00
  16. Oval Coffee Table

    A unique contemporary designed retro oval glass coffee table. This coffee table will be a stunning additional to any home or living spac... More
    £42.00 £35.00
  17. Rectangular Deluxe Desk

    Are you looking for desk hire for your next event or exhibition? These desks are great for any event where a temporary office set up is ... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  18. Outdoor Table - Teak Table Round 70cm

    For outdoor events, it's essential to have furniture that is built for the occasion. This outdoor teak table is just that; made with an ... More
    £18.00 £15.00
  19. Barcelona Ottoman in Red

    Relax in comfort at your next event or special occasion with this beautiful Barcelona ottoman in red. Our reproduction of the classic pi... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  20. Barcelona Ottoman in Black

    If you're looking for a design classic then this is the ottoman for you. Designed by Mies Van Der Rohe for the King and Queen of Spain, ... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  21. Barcelona Ottoman in White

    Is it a foot stool? Is it a low stool? It doesn't matter what you want to use our white Barcelona ottomans for really as they will suit ... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  22. One Seater Sofa - White

    Are you in need of somewhere comfortable to sit at your next event or special occasion? Our deluxe white armchairs are made with solid o... More
    £114.00 £95.00
  23. One Seater Sofa - Brown

    Sink into comfort at your next event or special occasion with our amazing sofas. These brown one seater sofas make great armchairs to re... More
    £114.00 £95.00
  24. Three Seater Sofa - Brown

    If comfort is the watchword for your event or function then a sofa might be a necessity. These brown three seater sofas are among the la... More
    £210.00 £175.00
  25. Two Seater Sofa - Brown

    Get together at your next event or special occasion with one of these comfy sofas. Our brown two seater sofas are great for all kinds of... More
    £150.00 £125.00
  26. One Seater Sofa - Black

    Are you looking for relaxing seating at your next event or special occasion? These black one seater sofas are perfect for use as armchai... More
    £114.00 £95.00
  27. Circular Café Table

    These aluminium topped tables are lightweight and sturdy. They are very suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor areas, such as cafés.... More
    £44.40 £37.00
  28. Frier Dining Table

    Dining tables are important items to get right to make your event go well. As one of the top hired items, the Frier Dining table is very... More
    £68.40 £57.00
  29. Clear Glass Chrome Table

    Are you looking for a comfortable space for meeting guests at your event or conference? This clear glass chrome table is a perfect table... More
    £55.20 £46.00
  30. Spree Table Silver

    Add a a contemporary twist to your exhibition or event with this elegant silver Spree table. The height of the table is adjustable allow... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  31. Spree Table Black

    If you are looking for furniture that will bring a fashionable touch to your exhibition or event then you should consider this black Spr... More
    £54.00 £45.00
  32. White Folding Samsonite Chairs

    If you are looking for cheap and reliable chairs then our white folding samsonite chairs are the ones for you. The least expensive and m... More
    £1.80 £1.50
  33. Black Padded Conference Chair

    Treat your guests and meeting attendees to comfortable seats with these black padded conference chairs. Designed to be both durable and ... More
    £4.50 £3.75

33 Items

per page
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