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Sometimes you need something a bit different to your standard glassware; specialised drinks call for speciality glasses. At Midland Catering and Event Hire we're well aware of this and we've put together a range of distinct glassware including brandy glasses, liqueur glasses and shot slammer glasses. Like all of our glassware, they're cleaned and checked before being dispatched - and should you not want to wash up afterwards we can take care of that too.

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  1. Green Shot Slammer Glass 1.25oz
    If you've got a set aesthetic for your party then you might want your glasses to match. These Shot Slammer glasses are an attractive gre... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  2. Boston Shot Slammer Glass 2oz
    Are your guests party animals? If you're looking to serve shots and you want to make them big, then these Boston Shot Slammer Glasses ar... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  3. Yellow Shot Slammer Glass 1.25oz
    Have you got a set colour for your event or special occasion? If it's yellow then these shot glasses will fit right in. A generous 1.25o... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  4. Boston Shot Slammer Glass 1.5oz
    Get the party started with these 1.5oz Boston Shot Slammer Glasses. These glasses are perfect for small shots like sambuca, tequila or v... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  5. Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glass 2.oz
    Start the Vodka flowing with these awesome Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glasses. A huge 2oz in size means they can contain a whole lot of spi... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  6. Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glass 1.75oz
    Ah Vodka. One of the meanest spirits with a face of it's own - and a glass too. These Tall Vodka Shot Slammer Glasses are perfect for se... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  7. American Shot Slammer Glass 1.oz
    Shots! It's not a proper party if you're not serving shots - and these American Shot Slammer Glasses are perfect for the job. They're a ... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  8. Pink Shot Slammer Glass 1.25oz
    If your party is pink then these Shot Slammer Glasses are going to fit right in. These glasses are a pretty pink in colour and a generou... More
    £0.24 £0.20
  9. Bistro Capri Brandy Glass 9oz
    Brandy and Cognac deserves to be served in the right glass - so why not hire our Bistro Capri Brady glasses for your next event or speci... More
    £0.36 £0.30
  10. ISO - Wine Tasting Glass
    Wine tasting is serious business; if you're hosting a wine tasting event then you need the specific glasses to run it properly. These IS... More
    £0.48 £0.40
  11. Mulled Wine Glass
    One of the best bits of Christmas and winter time is drinks like mulled wine. If you are serving mulled wine at your party or special oc... More
    £0.48 £0.40
  12. Bistro Brandy Glass 14oz
    If you're treating your guests at your next function or occasion to brandy or cognac then you should serve it in the proper glasses - li... More
    £0.66 £0.55
  13. Irish Coffee Glass
    The Irish Coffee is a very particular style of drink to serve at an event or special occasion and it demands it's own glassware - like t... More
    £1.14 £0.95
  14. Glass Table Jug - 1.3L
    Serving water or juices at your next event or special occasion? This 1.3L glass table jug is perfect for allowing your guests to serve t... More
    £1.20 £1.00
  15. Beer Steins - 40oz
    Prost! While the 2 pint beer stein is a staple of Oktoberfest type events they are becoming more and more popular for all kinds of event... More
    £1.80 £1.50
  16. Spittoon
    The humble spittoon has come some way since the days of the wild west. These spittoons are used primarily for wine tasting events as a r... More
    £4.20 £3.50
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