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Glass Tumbler Hire

Tumblers are some of the most versatile glasses we have; among other uses they can be used for long drinks at parties and special occasions or as a water glass at formal meals. You can match them up with our wineglasses, beer glasses and champagne flutes for a complete drinks package.

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  1. Hi-Ball Tumbler 12oz

    Whether it's a water glass at a banquet or a long drink glass at a party, the Hi-Ball Tumbler is a versatile glass. Made from toughened ... More
    £0.18 £0.15
  2. Whisky Glass - 7.75oz

    Whether it's Scotch on the Rocks or an Old Fashioned, these lowball style glasses are perfect for serving whisky style drinks. The base ... More
    £0.36 £0.30
  3. Whiskey Glass - 11.5oz

    If you want to serve your guests whisky based drinks then you should consider these lowball style tumblers. Made with a heavy glass base... More
    £0.42 £0.35
  4. Bistro Jug 0.25ltr

    If you are looking for a small table jug for your next event or special or occasion this jug is perfect. It's great for holding juice or... More
    £0.72 £0.60
  5. Vin/Wine Carafe 1lt

    Serve wine at your next event or special occasion with this stylish, multipurpose carafe. It comes with a wide mouth and curved body. Id... More
    £0.96 £0.80
  6. Glass Table Jug - 1.3L

    Serving water or juices at your next event or special occasion? This 1.3L glass table jug is perfect for allowing your guests to serve t... More
    £1.20 £1.00

6 Items

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